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This past Friday I was participating in a NAVHDA NA test with my Pudelpointer named Murphy. We had completed the fieldwork and tracking part of the test and were traveling to a nearby river to do the water part of the test. On the way there, I was t-boned by a car going extremely fast. It flipped my truck and we went airborne. No one was injured thankfully. 

My pup was in his kennel in the bed of the truck. I had put an insulated kennel cover on it which had rings for the tie-down straps. I had four straps ratcheted tight on the kennel cover in their rings. Unfortunately, those rings failed. My kennel did not. Murphy was thrown from the truck approximately 50 feet and landed in a nearby field still in his kennel. The only damage to the kennel was the door!! The rest was completely intact. Murphy was shaken up but completely uninjured. He was given a clean bill of health by our vet and finished his testing. He got a perfect score of 112 Prize 1. 

Thanks for such an amazing product. I am so glad I took the advice of my breeder and bought this kennel when I bought the pup. Glen W. - Utah

“My husband and I were travelling with our two dogs when we rolled our SUV. I am so thankful that my dogs were in Ruff Tough kennels. Both crates maintained integrity and kept them contained, in fact the crates still look brand new.  While our vehicle is a complete loss, both dogs were able to walk away from the accident without a scratch!” Christina, British Columbia, Canada

"I wanted to share these pictures with you. I am very pleased with your product. While my dogs were not with me this morning, had they been they would have survived no trouble. As you will see in the second picture, my Ruff Tough Kennels are totally undamaged. I actually took them out of the vehicle and confirmed they weren't damaged. Thank you!"
D. Zahler

"Doug, I wanted to follow up with a few comment on the Ruff Tough Kennels I purchased about 4 months ago. I have now been hit in the rear of my truck twice while traveling with my dogs. The first time was about 10 years ago. At that time I used a regular kennel, the type where you have two halves held together using some type of screws. During that incident, the kennel was slammed against the side of the bed and split in three different places. It barely held together and thank goodness my dog was okay. Of course the kennel had to be replaced.

The second time was this weekend. I was hit in the rear of my truck by a car traveling 40-50mph at impact. I drive a Ford F-250 and it really took a hit. I had both dogs in the back headed to a retriever training day with our club. Thank goodness they were both in the large Ruff Tough Kennels. Both kennels were turned sideways and one of them landed up on the wheel well on its side. The dog in this particular kennel ended up with a bloody nose, but overall they both came out in good shape. The force of her hitting the door resulted in a crack that later separated, but other than that, there was no damage at all to the kennels themselves. I think you have an excellent product that exceeds the standards by a long shot. Both my dogs and I thank you!"
D. Edmund, Pin Oak Retriever Club

"The Ruff Tough Kennel is the best kennel I have ever owned. I wish I would have had it several years ago. It is solid, well-built, and far superior to your plastic kennel. Only time will tell, but I assure this is the last kennel I will ever buy with the exception of buying another Ruff Tough. Also, the staff at Ruff Tough are friendly and very helpful. Great job and great product!"
J. Burton Angelle, III

"My hunting schedule is nonstop, my hunts are demanding and I except the most out of the gear that accompanies me in the field. Ruff Tough Kennels meet my standards and exceed them. Not only are they virtually indestructible, they are functional with options that give you more versatility from something as simple as a dog kennel. See you in the field!"

"Because I repeatedly had to replace kennels due to cracking that ended their useful life, I went in search of a long term replacement. After choosing to replace kennels for my two labs with the Ruff Tough Kennel I knew my search was over. The Roto-Molded design eliminates the need for fasteners that can loosen and the outer flange that infringes on useful interior space. The top tray, handles, tie downs and other features have obviously been designed from experience that has come from the field. The top tray in particular is useful for loose small item storage (collars, ammo, etc.) and quick access without increasing the load height for the dogs like lower storage vaults."
D. Hiemstra, Credit River, MN

"I am not easily impressed with new equipment, but the simplicity of design and quality of manufacturing immediately caught my attention. I've owned and used dozens of portable kennels and have always looked for one that could withstand the abuse of trainers, handlers and guides. Finally, something new that should get dog trainers and hunters excited. Yes, its a variation of an old theme but, contrary to popular belief, a better mousetrap can be made. That variation is the new Ruff Tough Kennel Dog Crate."
J. Munshaur, New Albany, IN

"We adopted a Brittany mix from the pound with a bad case of separation anxiety. After he chewed up our coffee table, window sill and bed, we decided our Brittany was mixed with a Tasmanian Devil and we needed to kennel him. We first started with a plastic kennel. That lasted about a week before he chewed through the slates up top, got out and ruined the kennel. Our second kennel was the large metal cage type. He chipped his tooth on the first day and on the second day he managed to break out of the metal kennel due to the fact that they are collapsible and not that sturdy. After figuring I would probably need cinder blocks and steel for my next kennel, I was recommended the Ruff Tough Kennel. I was pretty skeptic as it resembles any plastic type kennel. But to my surprise, the Ruff Tough Kennel has worked great! It has held up now for 6 months and my Tasmanian Devil of a Brittany has barely put a scratch on it. Now my kennel, dog and house are much safer."
Nicholas, Elko, MN

"I just wanted to say how much I am impressed with your Ruff Tough Kennel. I wanted a tow behind motorcycle dog trailer for my German Shepard puppy and found that trailers on the market were very expensive. I decided to build a trailer. I was looking for an affordable, safe option to see if my dog would even ride. After a lot of searching, I came across the Ruff Tough Kennel. I purchased the large kennel and fabricated mounting for it. I added LED lights, a front windshield, fenders and a head hole for the dog. I found the Ruff Tough Kennel was great to work with. It's a very strong, well made product and well worth the extra money compared to anything else on the market. Thanks again for a great product! My dog loves this ride."
Kirk M., New Hampshire

"Purchased my first Ruff Tough kennel 2 months ago. After 25 years of others I can honestly say this is the best kennel I have had. Purchased my second one last week so both of my GSP's are in them.. Threw the other kennels away. Thanks for a great product."
M.Spieth, South Carolina

We have 2 of your kennel crates and they are the best we ever had by far!
Mike and Phyllis B.