Stackable Dog Kennels

Great for Dog Groomers, Vet Clinics, Dog Kennels, Outfitters, etc.

Add as many as you need to create your own system of kennels. The Ruff Tough Kennel is virtually indestructible and is now available for purchase online. Available in intermediate and large sizes.  Double Door model also available.

*Older models shown below.

See new designs here

Stackable Dog Kennels





Coupler Kit Needed To Connect the Ruff Tough Kennels together.

Coupler Kit 

Large Ruff Tough Kennel Shown below

Large Dog Crate 

Portable Dog Waterer

Great Gift Idea!

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Portable Dog Waterer

Top 10 Reasons To Own a Ruff Tough Kennel

  1. Designed by Dog Trainers and Outfitters.

  2. Durable.

  3. Easier To Clean.

  4. Light Weight.

  5. Stackable.

  6. One Piece Construction.

  7. Can be tied down for safety.

  8. Double Door Unit-Great for backseat!

  9. Tray for Top

  10. Five Year Warranty